More Digital Jazz articles from Starburst Magazine

I’m still writing my regular Digital Jazz column for Starburst Magazine. However exciting developments! The magazine has returned in a printed format and an iPad edition. Digital Jazz is moving to the iPad as exclusive copy and I’ll be writing some features and interviews in the print edition. You will also catch me online submitting news to the main website.

I’ve posted links to my 2 final pieces for the old website and if you want to carry on reading please subscribe to the iPad.

Social Media Gremlins (November 11) – Click here
I started off with a bit of a rant on the minority of social media users being rude and abusing other people. Moving on to the Jamie Benning Star Wars documentary-commentaries, the Robert R. McCammon ebooks and finally the DVD of Silent Running.

SF Gateway and Encyclopedia Interviews (December 11) – Click here 
Simply put interviews with Graham Sleight for SF Encyclopedia and Darren Nash from SF Gateway. 

Hope you enjoy.



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