Back to being unfunny

Great news that Newsjack on BBC Radio 4 is back. So I submitted a handful of one liners and it turns out I am still completely unfunny.

There have been so many withdrawals from the Government’s work experience programme the Catholic Church has officially endorsed it.

Donald Trump gives £10m to anti-wind farm campaigners. He has also given £5m to fart for freedom.

David Cameron, clearly influenced by Oscar success and popularity is looking to become an altogether different type of Artist.

Ironic that the historic third win for both Margaret Thatcher and Meryl Streep in their chosen professions were both met with utter ambivalence.

Bring on next week. If at first you suck at this, fail, fail and fail again 🙂


One Comment on “Back to being unfunny”

  1. David Lovesy says:

    Just being honest, and aware that it’s an opinion not fact (something it’s taken me a long time to get to grips with) I didn’t like the last three jokes in the list, but the first one just felt it was missing the word “early” before “withdrawals”. Otherwise, I really liked it!

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